License No.: OPs & HRD/3358/KAR/2013

Engro Powergen

Incorporated in 2008 as a fully owned subsidiary to develop power projects in Pakistan, Engro Powergen is Engro Corp’s first initiative into the country’s power sector.

Their aim is to ease the burden on the nation’s energy sector by developing projects exploring cleaner, more efficient and economically viable sources of power generation including wind, hydro and solar energy.

Their first Independent Power Project (IPP) – the Engro Powergen Qadirpur plant, is widely recognized for being Pakistan’s first ‘green’ power plant and the only facility of its kind to reduce carbon emissions via the utilization of permeate gas.

They have also entered into a strategic long-term partnership with the Sindh Government by establishing The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited as a joint venture launched to mine coal from Thar.

As they forge ahead, Engro Powergen will continue to pave the way for brighter living with investments aimed at boosting the nation’s energy sector, preserving the environment, inspiring new innovations and forming lasting changes within the communities that we engage with.

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