License No.: OPs & HRD/3358/KAR/2013

Shangrila Pvt. Ltd

SHANGRILA took over the challenges in domestic markets by setting up a diminutive manufacturing unit in Karachi in 1988 for its seasonings; soy & chilli sauces. Later in the late 90s, the range was supplemented by Tomato Ketchup drawing a huge success due to its quality, taste and innovative packaging; initially with the 100g sachet which was a one of its kind pack during that era and later the Stand Alone Aluminum Foil Pack with a nozzle & a screw cap. The 100g pack managed to wedge through consumers in developing the ketchup market among the masses, while 1Kg SAP catered to economy. Early in 2000s, SHANGRILA enhanced its portfolio with Pickles-in-oil in Stand Alone Pouches for the first time in the history of commercially produced pickles, and this resulted in a steep vertical ascent in the brand’s growth in the following years.

Continuous product and packaging innovations, besides advancement of the supply chain process, removal of bottlenecks, and modernization of manufacturing facility with European technology cruised SHANGRILA ahead of the competition. SHANGRILA has been persistently taking on the tough situation in the industry, and has managed to create depth, as well as width for itself, moving at a pace faster than its rivals.

With a phenomenal multifold-fold rise, SHANGRILA (Private) Limited has become a brilliant success story stretched not only throughout the country, but internationally as well, managing 4 product categories; ketchup, sauces, seasonings, pickles-in-oil under the brand name of SHANGRILA and another brand FRUITI-O in Juices & Nectars.

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