License No.: OPs & HRD/3358/KAR/2013

Streebo Inc

Streebo, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is an IBM Business Partner and a global provider of automated solutions. Streebo partners with its clients to streamline complex business processes and applies software automation techniques to rapidly assemble business solutions. Using our automated solutions, our clients achieve efficiencies to scale and this allows them to rapidly respond to their ever changing business needs. 

Our key differentiator is our radically different approach towards building automated solutions. Leveraging tools that employ Parametric Modeling and Software Automation, Streebo "assembles" solutions. Rather than employing an army of programmers to manually code applications on never-ending services projects, Streebo uses off-the-shelf pre-fabricated components to rapidly deliver customized and personalized solutions that will respond to changes in your business. 


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