License No.: OPs & HRD/3358/KAR/2013

Chase UP

Chase Up was founded in 1984 as a family owned business initially selling quality ready made garment at affordable prices. The company was considered as pioneers of introducing the concept of modern departmental store retailing in Karachi. Chase Up has always focused on maximizing customer convenience; by providing a wide range of quality goods and services under one roof at the prices that majority of customers can afford to pay. Since then the business has continued to grow and the business model has evolved during the years up to the point where the company now falls under the category of quality discounting in the retail sector. Presently, the company is operating 6 stores in Karachi and 1 stores in Multan, selling a wide variety of clothing, footwear, Groceries, house wares, ladies fabrics and health and beauty products to name a few. Chase Up plans to open more stores in Karachi and throughout the country in order to touch more and more customers every day with its even expanding range of quality foods at highly affordable prices.

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