License No.: OPs & HRD/3358/KAR/2013


Medworks is a new venture launched by people active in Pakistan’s healthcare industry for over forty years. Today, our companies in the areas of device marketing and distribution, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing, are amongest the leading ones in Pakistan’s healthcare sector. Our collective experience and expertise in the healthcare industry are important strategic assets, giving us the conviction that we can offer meaningful and reliable solutions to patients and healthcare providers at prices respectful of our country’s economic constraints.

We are driven by a belief in the power of technology to allow better management of illnesses. Our approach is two- pronged: we address pain points at the healthcare provider’s end, as well as the patient’s end. Adherence to treatment protocol, self-monitoring of health, and timely sharing of data with the healthcare provider is a challenge due to patients’ behavioral biases. Simultaneously, healthcare providers are increasingly burdened, making effective monitoring of their patients a challenging proposition. We plan to offer solutions to address some of these difficulties. Our wearable and home health monitoring medical will automate and streamline the recording of critical data, relieving the patient of the burden of manually recording data over and over again. We will provide devices and the backend infrastructure for the collection, storage and transmission of data through one centralized place.

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