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Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Category: Health & Medicine
Career Level: Experienced
Number of Vacancies: 1
Required Qualification: BS (In relevant Field)
Required Certification:
Required Experience (years): 2
Salary Per Month:   Negotiable  
Allowances Offered:
Required Gender: Female
Last Date: 31-May-2024
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Description:

Evaluation andfollow-up


·        Knowing the psychological and healthhistory of the child and following up any developments

·        Evaluating and writing necessaryreports with suitable plan that the child need

·        Identify a list of cases that do notneed sensory integration sessions

·        Committing the number of sessions, eachspecialist have 35 session at the rate of 7 session per shift

·        Following up the sessions regularlyaccording to schedule, compensation and condensation according to theattendance of children

·        Follow the theory of sensoryintegration in modifying sensory disorders in children

·        Committing to submit all the necessaryplans and the reports on time

·        Analysis the development of the childand discuss with the supervisor if the plan is inappropriate

·        Identify a list of severe cases,requiring additional sessions


Tools andCovenant


·        Receiving and maintaining on thecovenant and tools

·        Inventory the need of the programstools and report to the supervisor


·        making notes on the daily records andreplying on the queries of the parents about the service

·        Recording the training session and thehomework given with simple description about the daily record to the parents

·        Filling electronic forms of sessions -daily (according to schedule)

End of the day

·        Cutdownthe lights and the air conditioner and arranging the clinic with replacing thetools at the end of the day.

Follow- up

·        Inform the supervisor if there is afrequent absence of children Ensure the absence of children from the child'ssection

·        Identify the list of children'sabsence and register them in the specialist's rooms form - daily

·        Notify if any extra difficulties hasbeen faced at the training

·        Following up the performance of thechild and reporting if there is emergency

·        Notify the supervisor in the event ofdamage or loss, maintenance request or any required tasks


·        Communicating with the parents afterthe approval from the supervisor

·        Contributing with mother visit programand deal with questions of the parents and clarify the plan of the child


·        Preparing the specialist's report withfilling each checkbox and send it to the direct supervisor at the time set

·        Preparing clinic report and submittingit to the supervisor at the time set

·        Writing each semester and finalreports and submitting it to the supervisor at the time set

Training anddevelopment

·        Regular meeting with the supervisor tofollow the development of children and difficulties

·        Participate in the training of newspecialists and answer their queries

·        Contribute to any development thatserves the Department and children

·        Participate in activities thatcontribute to improving the image of the center and highlight the role of thedepartment and the integration of the child with the community

·        Developing performance in the presenceof workshops and scientific courses (in advance coordinating with thesupervisor) according to the standards followed

Job Specification:

Education: BS/MS in Occupational Therapy

Experience: 2 years

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The specialist is bound by all the provisions of theCenter's regulations and all the tasks assigned to him by the supervisor

In the absence of a child enrolled in your daily schedule, oneof the following is done:

·        Compensation for another child

·        Implementing a condensation session of a childneeds condensation in agreement with the department

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